Rent a e-bike

Fast and ecological transportation

Minimal effort

No parking meter

No fuel expenses

It helps you go using your own energy

But with help of electronic engine.

Electronic bike is suitable for all who

Are looking for alternative way of fast and

Ecological transport in the town.

It offers you forehand arrival at destination,

And at the same time not sweating like on a usual bike.

The price of the rental electronic bike is:

1 hour         €5     kn37                1day (10hours)       €13    kn100           1 week     €75   kn560

4 hours      €8      kn60                24 hours                    €15     kn115 

                                                            2nd day                      €13     kn100         Child seat €5  kn37/day

                                                           Add. day                     €10     kn75


Exchange Rate List 15.07.2021

Currency Buy Sell
EURO € 7.42 7.53
USD $ 6,16 6,46


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