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Head of branch: Mario Kisić

Person authorized to represent: Mario Kisić, Director, represents the company alone

Opening hours: 01.06. – 31.10. Mon-Sat 08: 00-20: 00, Sun and Holidays 09: 00-13: 00

01.11.-30.05. Mon-Fri 08: 00-16: 00, Sat, Sun and holidays closed

Competent authority: Tourist Inspection of the Ministry of Tourism

Submitting an objection:

Pursuant to Article 6, paragraph 3 of the Law on Provision of Tourism Services (Official Gazette No 130/17) written objections to our service

you can file at our office. We can file complaints in the following way:

mail: OK d.o.o. Obala S. Radića 32, 20000 Dubrovnik

telefax: 020 418940


General terms and conditions for Personal Data Protection

General provisions

1. These general terms and conditions for the protection of personal data (hereinafter: General terms and conditions for Personal Data Protection) relate to the personal data contained therein and which, using the web site and all its subdomains, as well as service points of the sale company OK d.o.o , Dubrovnik, Obala S. Radića 32, OIB: 65388456968, hereinafter referred to as “pages and sales points”, processed or collected and stored by the head of the personal data collection of the OK d.o.o., Dubrovnik, Obala S. Radića 32, OIB: 65388456968 (“OK d.o.o.”) from you as a respondent.

2. OK d.o.o, as a provider of services ( and as a provider of road cargo and passenger transport services, international transport of goods and passengers in road traffic, rental of motor vehicles with drivers, irregular road transport of passengers, provision of other tourism services, as well as other registered activities, is committed to protecting your privacy and your personal information. Please read these General Terms of Privacy to help you understand what information we collect from you and how we use this information.

3. If you have any questions regarding personal data protection, please contact us via e-mail at

4. Carefully read these General Terms and Conditions for Personal Data Protection. By providing your personal information through the site and by marking your consent to these General Terms and Conditions of Personal Data Protection through the Site, as well as using the services provided by OK d.o.o. you agree that you have read, understood, and agree to these general terms and conditions of the protection of personal data and you consent to the collection of personal data or through a web contact or through the form that you will fill out when using OK d.o.o service, all in accordance with this General terms and conditions for Personal Data Protection.

5. If you do not agree to these General Terms of Personal Data Protection, please leave,do not access nor use the Site, and do not use the services provided by OK d.o.o.

6. All questions that are not specially regulated by these General Terms of the Personal Data Protection are governed by the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Web Sites Available here.

Changes to the General Terms of Personal Data Protection

7. OK d.o.o. may modify or supplement these General Terms and Conditions of Personal Data Protection at any time by publishing the revised text on the site. Amendments to the General Conditions for the Personal Data Protection will come into force immediately after their publication on the site.

8. As a respondent, you are responsible and obliged to review and study the valid General Terms and Conditions for Personal Data Protection that are available on your site before each and every personal information you provide.

Processed personal data and the use of personal data

9. OK d.o.o. collects only the personal information essential for achieving the purpose of the collection referred to in the Article 12 of these General Terms and to the extent necessary to attain the stated purpose of the collection.

10. OK d.o.o. at the sales points and on the site, collects the following personal information about the respondents: name and surname, address, date of birth, personal identification number, personal ID number or passport number, driver’s license number, date of issuance of driver’s license, credit / debit card / geographic data (such as GPS coordinates), data received via the video surveillance system, as binding data, and phone number (private and / or business), email address, page usage and Internet provider information as voluntary data.

11. Depending on the types of activities, some of the information we are requesting to assign to us is designated as binding, and some as voluntary. If you do not provide binding information for a specific activity or service that requires them, you will not be allowed to engage in such activity, relatively you will not be provided such service.

12. OK d.o.o.produces and uses personal data from Article 10 of the General Conditions for the creation of a database of its users, and precisely; name and surname, address, date of birth, personal identification number, personal ID number or passport number, driver’s license number, date of issue of driver’s license for the purpose of concluding a rental contract; number of credit / debit card / current account card to secure the billing service; geographic data (such as GPS coordinates) to protect property of OK d.o.o. data received via a video surveillance system to protect the company’s assets, and protect and secure the client and employee, and the phone number (private and / or business), and e-mail address collects and uses for eventual contact with the respondents before and during use of the service, and to make contact with the respondents after using the service to analyze customer satisfaction in order to improve the use of their services, their functionality, for marketing purposes, to contact you and deliver marketing information, improve our advertising and promotional efforts; information on use of the sites and the Internet provider to provide their services with better quality, more precision and with more personal approach, analyze the content quality on the website, and to further improve the pages and site content and adjust it to the audience that visits it. Based on these data we find out which content is most popular among the audience. Access to the website is free and no registration is required. Providing personal data is voluntary. We do not process more personal information than is necessary for your participation in any activity on our site.

13. By submitting your personal data and accepting these General Terms of Personal Data Protection, you agree that OK d.o.o. notifies you about promotional activities, products and services they offer.

14. OK d.o.o. undertakes to process the collected personal data fairly and legally for the purposes set out in theArticle 12 of these General Terms and shall, if necessary, process them solely for purposes that are compatible with the purpose of their collection.

Personal Data Protection Manager, Breach procedure

15. Information on the Personal Data Protection Manager are published on the web pages of OK d.o.o.

16. In the event of a personal data breach, the Manager shall process it without unnecessary delay and, if feasible, notify the Supervisory Authority (Personal Data Protection Agency) and the victim of the infringement at least 72 hours after the occurrence of the infringement, unless it is probable that the violation of the personal data causes a risk to individuals’ rights and freedoms. If the reportdid not take place within 72 hours, it shall be processedwith the reasons for the delay.

Injuries are considered to cause physical, material or non-material damage to an individual such as loss of personal data control or restriction of their rights, discrimination, identity theft or fraud, financial losses, unauthorized reverse pseudonymization, reputation damages, loss of confidentiality of personal data protected by business secret or any other economic or social damage to the individual concerned.

The Personal Data ProtectionManager is not obliged to notify the supervisory body if can be proved, in accordance with the principle of liability, that the breach of personal data is unlikely to cause the risk to individuals’ rights and freedoms.

Personal data disclosure

17. By submitting your personal information under these General Terms and Conditions of Personal Data Protection, you agree to disclose such personal information to third parties, including, but not limiting to, related persons to OK d.o.o, its members and their affiliated persons for the records of clients, records of completed services, and for marketing purposes, to improve our advertising and promotional efforts.

18. Any other personal data may be disclosed to third parties solely in accordance with the statutory regulations governing the protection of personal data.

Additions and corrections of personal data, the right to be forgotten

19. OK d.o.o. believes that every respondent should be able to ensure that his / her personal data is accurate, complete and up to date. If you believe your personal information is incomplete, inaccurate or outdated, please contact us by e-mail at: and request the appropriate addition, modification or deletion of personal information.

20. We encourage you to update your personal information as soon as they are changed. You can request to delete or remove your information.

21. A respondent has the right to request the Personal Data ProtectionManager access to personal data and correction or deletion of personal data or the restriction of the processing related to the respondent or deletion of personal data or the restriction of processing related to the respondent or the right to object to the processing of such data transfer rights.

Data protection

22. OK d.o.o. takes seriously data protection and has taken various precautions to protect your personal information. Respondents’ personal identification information is kept on a server accessible to only chosen persons and providers. OK d.o.o. encrypts certain sensitive information using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure that respondents’ personal information is secure.

23. Unfortunately, no data transfer over the Internet, or any wireless network, can be 100% secure and OK d.o.o. can not guarantee the protection of any information transmitted to or from the site and is not responsible for the actions of any third party to which such information is made available.

Confidentiality of third party data

24. These General Terms and Conditions of Personal Data Protection apply only to the use of data that OK d.o.o. collects from respondents. Other websites accessible through the site have their own confidentiality statements and data collections and ways of using and publishing them on the site. If you switch to any such site, we recommend that you review the privacy statement of that site. OK d.o.o. is not liable for third party terms and conditions.

Limitation of liability

25. Although the OK d.o.o. takes all available technical, organizational and personnel protection measures for the protection of personal data from accidental or deliberate misuse, destruction, loss, unauthorized changes or access we can not guarantee that some of the personal data we collect will never be accidentally disclosed, contrary to the provisions of these Privacy Policy. To the utmost extent permitted by law the liability is excluded for damage caused to users or third parties by accidentally detecting personal data. Since OK d.o.o. has no control over the personal data that the respondents submit when accessing or using other portals, or directly to third parties (e.g. when participating in sponsored activities), to the utmost extent permitted by law the liability is excluded for damage to the respondent or third parties due to the delivery of personal data in such way.

Other data

26. We use analytics software to analyze our pages, by analyzing the use of the site, thus gaining valuable information on the needs of our users, with the aim of improving the quality of our offer. Reportedly, the so-called ” cookies are used as well. Cookies are text files that are stored on a computer of the site visitors. They allow the user to recognize when they visit the page again. This allows us to carry out the above described usage analysis. Cookies may otherwise be rejected or deleted by the appropriate browser settings, however, this may lead to the inability to fully access some of the functions of our site. The aforementioned software also collects and stores some technical data, including the IP address of the user. We emphasize that in no case is the people identification behind these data or the personal data collection. These data are also not linked to any personal information the user may have disclosed. By using these pages, you agree to the above described way of analyzing the use of these pages.

Personal Data Protection Manager:

Mario Kisić

Obala S. Radića 32

tel. 020/418 950
fax. 020/ 418 940
mob. 098 428924



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