Terms and conditions for car rental

Age requirements:

21 – year minimum. Driving license must be valid at least two years.

Price includes:
Daily rental (24 hours), unlimited mileage, CDW / TP ( collision damage waiver / theft protection), VAT.

Franchise purchase is not included.

CDW has some exceptions that are not covered by full insurance:

CDW does not cover damage to these parts: tires, wheel rims and undercarriage of vehicles.
CDW does not cover engine damage due to lack of oil.
CDW does not cover any damage if the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol (police report evidence), and if the vehicle is mined or intentionally burned.
CDW does not cover damage caused by a person not listed as a driver.

CDW and TP (Theft Protection) have agreed a franchise (participation in the damage), which is as follows:

VEHICL GROUP                               B            C            D          E           F          G          H


FRANCHISE IN KN                        4000      5000     5000   6000   8000  9000  10 000


FRANCHISE IN EUR                      20          20          20        20        20         20       20

With the purchase of a franchise the client is covered in full in case of damage to the vehicle (and the rule of a mandatory police report and the above exceptions are still valid).
If the party does not purchase the franchise, and the damage done is less than the deductible franchise amount, the client is responsible for the lower amount. If the claim amount exceeds the amount of deductible franchise, the party responsible for the amount of the franchise. The remainder will be covered by CDW.

In case of accident, the police report is required.

TP (Theft Protection = theft) is not applicable in case of lost keys or loss of vehicle documents.



Secure the vehicle from further damage. For any damage to the vehicle a POLICE REPORT is required and fulfillment of all the necessary forms.

If a party fails to give the police report CDW does not apply and the client is responsible for the full damage amount.

If the vehicle owned by OK is damaged by the guilt of its driver, the damage is insurable by compulsory daily extra payment for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). This car insurance does not cover the event in the full amount of damage but the total amount of to the deductible franchise (see deduction amounts and deduction waiver)


Price does not include:

Fuel and refueling service:

The vehicle will have a full tank of fuel and in case if vehicle returned with less fuel, we charge for missing fuel at Croatian national oil company prices and a refueling fee, which amounts to 100 KN + VAT

PAI (Personal Accident Insurance), personal insurance for passengers in the vehicle in case of accidents, may be accepted and paid at the counter – optional (price = KN 20.00 per day + tax)

The delay in returning the vehicle is charged as follows:
1-3 hours = 1/5 daily rate per hour
3 hours or more = extra day

Delivery and collection

For special requests, please contact our reservation center.
Any extra costs are calculated according to the current price list.


Payments can be made with all major credit cards (EC / MC, AMEX, VISA, DINERS).
Because of the possible extra costs that are not known in advance, such as fuel and refueling services, late returns, lease renewal, etc., blank credit card slip, as a guarantee of payment, must be left on the counter when picking up the vehicle.


Car models in the list are examples only. Specifically, the renewal of the fleet OK d.o.o. cannot guarantee delivery of a specific model, but only a group of vehicles. Thus, every booking is confirmed by vehicle group only, not models. Reservations must contain one of the group letters.

Crossing the border

All of our vehicles are permitted to cross into Western European countries.
Countries that we do not permit crossing into are: Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and all former USSR countries, Turkey, Albania.
Entry into Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia is possible on request and prior approval OK Ltd.
Note: TP (theft insurance) do not apply to areas in the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Exchange Rate List 15.07.2021

Currency Buy Sell
EURO € 7.42 7.53
USD $ 6,16 6,46


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